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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.sandrapearce.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Paintings are in public and private collections around the globe

  • Commended workshop teacher

  • Art exhibit juror

  • Price Range: $100.00 - $3,000.00

The Artist Says:

-If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right. Enjoy the experience.
-Love learning. Try something new. 
-There is no shortcut to Experience. Practice, practice, practice!
-There is no improvement without change. To grow as artists, we must go outside our comfort zones.

Collectors Say:

"...just stunning! Don't know how you keep on finding new and 'inward reaching' pastels and contrasts to show us things we can't always see for ourselves. One of the BEST!        —M Florence "I have your painting hanging in my office and it gets a lot of compliments."         —K Bloch "It has everything! It is SO Portland!"         —R Weeks “It pulls me in…I am there…”         —D Kabia   “Your calm and supportive approach and your individualized feedback made for productive sessions in a good atmosphere. Keep teaching!”         —Cathy C., Workshop Student “Sandra’s demos are very helpful to follow.  She takes a measured approach and explains each step she takes with the reason for it and the effect she intends to produce.  Her instructional method enables students to follow her process and understand the complex interactions of the water and paint on the paper which they then try on their own with Sandra’s coaching.  This builds confidence in her students and enables learning this challenging medium.”         —Mike P., Workshop Student “Sandra Pearce is my watercolor guru!  Over 5 years I have enjoyed her online art, descriptions of each and her philosophy of art. Her recent two day workshop included the above plus suggestions of overcoming mistakes which she sees as new directions. Very liberating!”         —Sandy J., Workshop Student      

Other Artists Say:

“It is a pleasure to watch you paint.”
         —Michael Reardon, Artist

“This artist is a master painter...”
         —Robert Burridge, Artist
“...you vary your approach depending on the subject. What they all (have) in common (is) your respect for the medium and your admirable skill!”
         —Tom Hoffman, Artist
“When you stand in front of most paintings, you look AT them. When you stand in front of most
of (Sandra’s) paintings, you feel like you're IN them. She has a wonderful ability with depth. It's a
style I hope she never lets go of. Trust me, I know a great deal about art, and she is very, very good."
        —G Tjaden, Warner Bros, Retired 
“You’re a good painter...”
         —Joseph Zbukvic, Artist
“The subjects are fresh, people and cars fantastic, watery reflections compelling, and your compositions dynamic.”        —E Beebe, Artist
“I can smell the soap!”  “I am on the street having a conversation with those people…”       —S Cowan, Graphic Designer


Imagine stepping into another locale. A magical place you have never been before, or perhaps you have been there and recall fond memories. My wish is to transport you to those special places – you feel as if you are part of that scene, enveloped by the heat of that day, or the cool of that dark passageway. You smell the salt-sea air in the harbor; hear the distant clink of wine glasses and laughter at the outdoor café; wonder at the first light of day or absorb the warm glow of last light. The depth draws you into the frame; you venture in and explore the surroundings. You feel an emotional response or connection to the scene...exclaim “WOW!”, or sigh with calm, even chuckle over a stirred memory. These gratify me. This is why I paint.
Sometimes I hide a little surprise that you may discover while lingering, or revisiting the image.
I often complete a studio painting in one or two sessions. Plein air is increasingly important – I must size up my vision quickly and render it in one go, all the while coping with weather and insects and a myriad of distractions. That’s a challenge!
I have plenty of misses, and oft times I start over (more than once) – which means I learned what NOT to do. But sometimes I manage to get it pretty right, and have a piece I want to share with you.
I was born in England, and as a child, immigrated to America with my family. While crossing the Atlantic on the RMS Queen Mary, I took first place in the children’s drawing competition.
Drawing as far back as I can remember, any blank paper was fair game. I once drew a crumpled grocery bag on another brown grocery bag my parents had just emptied! Each Christmas, I received ever larger watercolor pan paint [...]

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