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Painting is my vehicle to self discovery. Every painting teaches me something about myself. To interpret what I see and experience through the mechanics of painting allows me to explore my emotional responses to subject matter. I am particularly motivated by this interaction between artist and subject therefore, painting from life is especially rewarding. A variety of subjects and concepts interest and inspire me to paint. Often my eye will search for something that my heart recognizes, producing the emotional response that I seek to communicate through my work. Seeing the subject in abstract shapes of color and tone, my technique of painting landscapes, still life, and figures is fundamentally the same. Studying these relationships and interpreting them through the mechanics of painting, provides me with continual opportunities for exploration, learning and personal growth. Sandra Dodson did not pursue her interest in art until her children were grown. She studied at the Kansas City Art Institute, in private studios and workshops, but credits the discipline of routinely drawing and painting from life, with her development as a painter. " My early experience with painting was with Phil Starke in Kansas City. He was an excellent teacher and I feel that I benefited greatly from his education from THE AMERICAN ACADEMY in Chicago. "
Dodson's work is shown in galleries in coastal North Carolina, the Midwest and in the Seattle Art Museum's Rental/Sales gallery in Seattle, WA. Her work has been included in National and International Exhibits and has received several awards, including The Top 100 Paintings for The Art For The Parks National Exhibition in 1993 and Publication in the American Artist Magazine June 1990.

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