Artist Sandra Daniel

An example of fine art by Sandra Daniel

Photo of Sandra Daniel


Sandra Daniel graduated from Purdue University in Liberal Arts and lives and works in the Midwest.

Sandra's work was commissioned by Purdue's board of trustees as a gift to President France Cordova. The four paintings included University Hall, the bell tower, the president's home at Westwood, and the Purdue Union.

Her work is available Artists' Own Gallery on Main Street in Lafayette, Indiana, and the Ferry Street Studios. Paintings are in private collections in Indiana, California and New Mexico, Russia, Japan and Germany.

She paints exclusively in oil and the main body of her work has been plein air scenes of Indiana and Florida, and abstract oil paintings. Most often larger works are textured paintings created with palette knives. The result is a textured surface which has an added dimension and vitality because light is reflected from the surface of the oil paint. Although it may appear that this is accomplished quickly, that is not always true.

In the process of painting with knives all the artistic basics of value, shape, line, hierarchy, and color are considered. At the same time there is a consciousness of creating a sculptural surface on the canvas. Each stroke is very deliberate. Sandra uses specific knife techniques that are used over and over again: a stroke that allows a color to show through another color, a stroke which creates an elongated edge, a stroke that blends several colors.