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Artist's Statement: ​'My paintings are created with my heart and soul as much as they are with my brushes and paints.Where possible I paint from life, striving to capture the light of even the most simplest of objects, to turn what might otherwise be quite an ordinary still-life in to something that sings.I have to 'feel' it, in order to paint it. The ability to do this is my most important tool for a successful painting and one that can only come from within.'

Collectors Say:

1. "Meeting Sandra to buy our painting of 'Sherlock' was the icing on the cake, such a lovely lady. Our journey began as we searched for a painting for our home when we came across Sandra's website showing her paintings and prints of the bears she had painted.Immediately we fell in love with Sherlock and contacted Sandra. She wasn't sure whether she wanted to sell Sherlock as he was one of her first bear paintings and 'her baby' so to speak, having spent many hours with him. After emails and phone calls it was agreed we would meet half way between our homes. On meeting Sandra and her hubby we knew we were doing the right thing. Once we met 'Sherlock' it was love at first sight for us and totally understood her reluctance to part with him, even for money. Just in case, Sandra brought along two other paintings to show us. We were tempted to buy more than one but knew we could only take one  - Sherlock. We have to admit, it was like taking someone's love away with us but we agreed he would be well looked after. At the gallery where we had Sherlock framed we met an agent who couldn't believe the quality of the work. Later we sent Sandra photo'sand a poem I wrote for her too. Sherlock now hangs on our landing and to show him off even more we had lighting put over him. He is admired by everyone who visits, not just for the composition but for the quality of the painting, it's so beautiful and detailed. Anyone who deals with Sandra will be guaranteed in meeting a genuine person who loves her work so you will not just be buying a painting but receiving the love she puts into her work too - priceless."

2. "We can't thank you enough for such a beautiful work of art. You truly are talented as it always feels as though your love of painting is mingled with each brush stroke."

3. "Thank you for the guidance. I received 'Belle of the Ball' today and it is beautiful!I truly love it and it has a very special place here in my home.Thank you so much and I look forward to your blog and future paintings."

4. "I'm delighted with this painting which looks lovely on the kitchen wall and wasdelivered personally by Sandra who, we discovered lived not too far away.Perfectly Packed."

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Other Artists Say:

"Well I just saw this IN LIFE the other day and it is fabulous! The screen doesn't do it justice : ) ​What a pleasure to see your work in the flesh. You're a gorgeous painter Sandra!!


Sandra Busby
Member of 'The Worlington Movement'

Artist's Bio: ​"There are most definitely two sides to my art... There is bright, colourful side and in contrast the darker, more pensive side.But hey, I'm a Gemini, so my work is bound to reflect that!​I was born in a small town in rural Sussex, England. Far from being the 'tortured' type Artist who wishes to remain mysterious and aloof, like the ones we imagine lunging furiously at their canvasses and wearing over-sized paint covered shirts - the fact is, I am quite ordinary!  Not that my friends or family would agree, I'm sure - But I have never lunged at a canvas in my life (though I once karate kicked one... that painting was baaad!) and I have even been known to paint in my pajamas! I have 2.4 children (the .4 being my husband) and a crazy Labrador named Sherlock.So, you see? As a person I am quite frankly, bog standard!I could talk about myself as a third party if you like, or even describe myself as an onion with many layers, blah, blah... But the truth is, I am definitely more of a banana than an onion.I tried hard at one stage to become one of those mysterious type Artists that I found so fascinating, but feeling stifled and over-influenced by the modern way of teaching, I abandoned my arts degree and decided that there is only one way to become a real Artist and that is to paint from the heart, the way it comes naturally. So, against most of today's teaching methods, I embraced the traditional way of oil painting. Fell in love with it actually.As much as I admire the wild abandonment of many other Artist's and their [...]

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