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My current work toggles between oil landscapes of the peaceful world around me and ink drawings of social commentary. The common theme through my artistic eras of watercolour, figure drawing, oil painting, and ink drawings has been our human existence in relation to the world I inhabit. For me, feelings of comfort and familiarity abound when I paint landscapes; during that time, my questioning concerns technique: the use of paint and colour to create form, atmosphere and earthiness. My love of the land and desire to portray its heartbreaking beauty lies in my rural childhood.  In ink drawings, a traditional social commentary medium, I explore my curiosity about our human, mimetic nature; the drawings require much more planning, several drafts, and thoughtful deliberation. In the drawings, I am motivated largely by my own interest and curiosity in our human condition, wondering how to name and describe what it is we do. My goal is to gain distance from myself and my views, to ‘see’ my culture from a more disinterested perspective.
 Currently I use the richness of oils to portray our fertile and peaceful landscapes, which seem in jeopardy. I feel conflict - using toxic materials to portray the land that feeds me. I am part of the problem but also part of an admirable tradition. Can not everyone make the same claim?  The immediacy and low toxicity of ink allows me to hope that, although medium is relatively inert, finding a disinterested vision of Canadian society may shift a viewer’s inner landscape, as this new, distant perspective has shifted mine. Often sketch book squiggles are the basis for a fully developed piece; hasty notes of interesting points, which, when strung together, compose a stimulating new outlook. 
 The oil paintings I make, are in a traditional style of representational art, with the aim of creating a small moment of suspended time for [...]

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