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Christin Coy
"Christin Coy's works are soft and gentle views of California at its most spiritual moments.  She treats the landscape with genuine tenderness, seeking always the most poetic times of the day.  Her light is subdued but heartfelt, and her colors form a deep harmony that precisely captures the soul of the land.  The result is a splendid amalgam of light, tone and poetry."
Jean Stern
Executive Director, The Irvine Museum
Christin was born and raised in Oslo, Norway, a country steeped in traditional art and inspiriting natural beauty. Edward Munch and other well known Scandinavian artists, along with her family, influenced Christin at an early age.  She started drawing at the age of two and has made art an important part of her life ever since.
Christin immigrated with her family to Southern California at the age of thirteen. She received her degree in Fine Art from UC Berkeley and for several years worked as a graphic artist with landscape architecture firms in Los Angles and the Bay Area.
For the past twenty-three years, Christin’s art work has reflected her appreciation for nature through her landscape painting, both in plein air and in her larger studio works..  She paints in her San Anselmo studio daily, and enjoys plein air painting whenever possible. She has studied with Bay Area artists Pam Glover, Mel Adamson, Stanley Goldstein, and Chester Arnold.  She has adopted her own realistic style influenced by the Tonalists  as well as contemporary landscape painter Russell Chatham.
Christin’s paintings of the Marin County hills, coastal regions, and Sonoma County vineyards, reflect her strong connection with the land, and bring to life the unique mood and beauty of each setting.  She is especially attracted to the warm colors and elongated  shadows that appear in the late afternoon.  It has been said that Christin’s art work evokes the [...]

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