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Sam Keith is an artist and photographer whose home and studios are in the East Texas woods and the mountains of Colorado. His portfolio of work includes acrylic mixed media paintings and fine art photography.  
Sam is a chemical engineer, a past rancher, a collector of books, and a music lover.  Born in Wichita Falls, Texas, he grew up among the oil fields, farms and ranches of North Texas on the Red River. This was tough country; oil field remnants, tornado alley, real cowboys, extreme temperatures, all of which provided a diverse background of memories.
As an engineer, Sam spent most of his career with objectivity as the goal...then (and always loving the arts...creativity) about 25 years ago he began to seriously paint and photograph, and found that all art was subjective!  But a beautiful part of his life began.  He discovered that to create and understand art, he needed to understand himself.  The quest continues.  
Sam was fortunate to have had the opportunity to study the arts and to have great teachers and mentors, Frank Gerrietts, Jerry Newman, Stephen Quiller, William (Skip) Lawrence, and Keith Carter.  They have all contributed to his work and to his passion to create.
He has had numerous shows and awards and his work is collected nationwide. His work is in the permanent collection of the Dishman Museum at Lamar University.

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