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The need to create has always been prevalent in Sally’s life.  After graduating from University of Rhode Island with a BFA in 1985, she worked in several creative capacities, though not necessarily in the traditional sense.  In 2008, Sally became a full time artist.  Sally currently prefers to work in oils and explores taking small, every day objects and painting them on a large scale, focusing on color, form and most importantly light.
The objects she paints are aesthetically pleasing to Sally, and although there are schools of thought that ascertain that the subject matter is of no consequence, Sally chooses carefully what she paints.
“"I am often drawn to the old, marred, scarred,  imperfect and obsolete things in life, feeling the need to show a side of them that is beautiful- giving them a voice.  I invite the viewer to experience the qualities in them that I find appealing and to seek the beauty in the sometimes overlooked and often discarded items of a past life.  These objects often speak of a different time and a simpler life, one which is missed in the faster moving, disposable world of today."  
Recently, Sally has also begun using her work to convey the atmospheres of different places she has experienced, and to explore the urban landscapes of the cities she visits.
 Sally  has  participated in many juried show and had several solo shows.  Her work is in many corporate and private collections.  More of her work can be found on her blog, http://www.sallytharp.blogspot.com/.


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