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Sally Schrohenloher was born in 1957 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated with honors from the University of Cincinnati in 1979 with a bachelor of fine arts degree. During high school and college she was the illustrator and artist at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, and after graduating from college she became the illustrator for the zoology and botany departments at Duke University. While on the staff at Duke she began painting still lifes in the evenings and on weekends, joining her fine art training with her love of the natural world.
The paintings from the early 1980's led Sally to a curiosity of what gave still life paintings of previous centuries their brilliance of color and convincing interpretation of form. In order to learn more about these paintings she began traveling to the major museums of the world to study and experience the actual works of such 17th century Dutch masters as Jan Davidsz. de Heem, Willem Claesz. Heda, Jan van Huysum, and Rachel Ruysch. She also studied scientific research that has been performed on such paintings by museums during their restoration. Through museum study, scientific study, and trial and error, Sally has arrived at her current painting technique. Starting off with a detailed base painting done in neutral shades of opaque oils, Sally next applies layers of transparent glazes to build color relationships and to further enhance the volume of objects in the painting.
Sally Schrohenloher has exhibited at many galleries, art centers, and museums throughout the United States, and has had dozens of one-person shows. Her work is in the permanent corporate collections of Fidelity Investments, Borden, Inc., E.W Scripps Co., as well as numerous private collections. She is also in the permanent collection of the Southern Ohio Museum. She has received awards from the Institute of Museum Services (a [...]

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