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I am a self taught artist with a formal background in Commercial Art and Illustration. I enjoy continuing my education through workshops run by professional artists whose work I admire.
My Mother, American and my Father, English, I spent my early years growing up in southern England. It was when my family made the the decision to move to my Mother's home town in the US that I found myself. I grew up on a small Island off the shores of Seattle, it is here that I learned to appreciate the beauty of nature. I spent much of my childhood on the back of a horse, swimming in Puget Sound and stomping around in the woods. Summer vacations were full of camping trips, fishing and horses. As a young girl in love with horses, if I couldn't ride them, I would draw them. In high school I picked up a paint brush and in college I refined my art. Today, I have expanded my subjects to just about anything that inspires me, especially the mountain landscape and wildlife that surround me. 
After years of corporate life, moving from city to another, in 1994 my husband and I moved to a small mountain town on the east slopes of the North Cascades. We wanted to run our own business and live where we wanted to play. The scenic Old West town in the Methow Valley is where we started a small Inn. We have had the privilege of hosting guests from all over the world while enjoying the great outdoors on our doorstep. For may years, my creative outlet has been painting the walls in the Inn instead of painting on canvas. When a small shed at our home was renovated into a studio it opened up the flood gates to my art.
Over the years [...]

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