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ARTIST'S STATEMENTAs I go about my day, I view things with an artist’s eye by finding beauty in ordinary objects. I aim to present these everyday subjects with a fresh outlook and, through my work, encourage people to view those subjects with a new perspective as well.As evidenced by my past work as a fashion illustrator, and the subjects of many works throughout my career as a fine artist, fabrics and textiles have always inspired me.  The intricate folds and patterns of fabric often make their way into my paintings – draped in the background, underneath objects, crumbled up in a basket, or as the sole focus of a work.  The interplay between light and shadows are often incorporated in my work as well.  The way light can completely change the way something looks has always fascinated me.  It can cast shadows onto nearby surfaces, highlight details that were previously unnoticed and reflect new colors on an object’s surface. To me, the process of the work is just as important as the result. It is gratifying to see what can be done with a blank sheet of paper and some paint or a few pencils.  I enjoy the intricate details of colored pencils, but also the fluidness of watercolor paints. I intentionally choose to leave pencil lines and unfinished edges in some of my watercolor paintings in order to show energy beneath the colors.BIOGRAPHYSally was born in New York and studied art at The Traphagen School of Fashion Design and Illustration in New York City.  From there she began a successful art career as a fashion illustrator for a major department store.Drawn to fabrics and textiles from her years as a fashion illustrator, Sally includes beautiful prints and textures in many of her paintings. Her work now spans beyond illustration and into [...]

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