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Making people happy one painting at a time.


I have spent 50 years of my life in the field of art. I've worn many hats so to speak and have enjoyed them all.
After I graduated from The School of Visual Arts in NYC, I pursued a career in illustration after all it was my main focus in school. I thought that would be it for my entire career. I loved the assignments and was thrilled to be a working illustrator living and working in New York. However opportunities knock on your door and you either listen or turn your back. That opportunity was becoming an art director in the publishing arena. I worked in the paperback field as well as an art director for Ladies Home Journal. The magazine was my favorite job. I loved working with illustrators and photographers. While working there I met a lot of agents who I liked and didn't like and that planted a germ of an idea to become one as well. I felt that I was better qualified to be one because I was an illustrator as well as an art director so who better knew both sides of the street than me. I did it for 25 years, forming my own company and representing over 30 illustrators from around the world. Those were great years until the computer came along and changed the playing field.
Next logical step open an art gallery and get to work with physical art once again. The only difference was instead of dealing with art directors you deal with the public. Now that was an eye opener of epic proportions.
About 15 years ago I got the bug to paint again and putting myself front and center. Until you do this as an artist with no backup other than yourself it's quite humbling. I enjoy what I do [...]

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