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   Sal Vasquez is a native of southern California who, as a young painter just out of school, struck up friendships with the plein-air artists working in the San Gabriel Valley's "Artist Alley" in Alhambra.   Vasquez painted alongside Sam Hyde Harris, Don Miles, and Karl Albert. Vasquez accompanied Harris, Miles and Albert on numerous painting trips, and learning from these friends, he developed the skills to become an accomplished painter in his own right.   Vasquez attended California State University at Los Angeles and he also attended The Art Center School of Design where he met movie poster artist Reynold Brown, and western artist Don "Putt" Putman. Through his association with these two artist, Vasquez became interested in painting western themes, and began populating his landscapes with the icons of the West. Many of his paintings document the vanishing cattle ranchers and horsemen of the high desert where he now resides, and in particular, his paintings often portray their horses.   Putting into words the sentiments of many people, Vasquez describes his favorite subject this way, "I enjoy the challenge of painting horses, they are incredible animals - very strong, regal and intellligent."

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