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The Artist Says:

“To me each painting is like a conversation on a chosen subject - a conversation with my friends - paint, paper & brush”

Collectors Say:

"Like any collector of artwork, I have similar criteria - is it rare, does it appeal to imagination, the skill and expertise involved, is there a story, an emotion or passion expressed in his or her own expressive way - when selecting a work of art to add to my collection or when recommending to someone who has sought my opinion ....When I came across Sagnik’s watercolors, what held my attention was the joy of expression of what was of interest to him and in a very uncomplicated way. Besides the mastery of the medium, his architectural training tells the viewer much more, e.g. the time of day, the season, the activity involved whether captured or kept for the viewer to guess; intriguing!"
(Mr Tirtha Sen - Collector & Art Gallery Owner (Easel Stories), New Delhi, India)

Other Artists Say:

"As an artist I normally take no right to comment on the works of other artists, but Sagnik is an exception. He has worked and displayed successfully in AVISKAR platform of exhibition in Kolkata, India. I reviewed his works and his watercolors have created a strong impression on me. His works show a clear combination of artistry and fine engineering skill which is rare. He uses a sublime combination of paint to express himself and his perspectives are flawless without question. In a short time, he could create an excellent impression among the artists of 13 countries who participated in AVISKAR, which is commendable. I am sure he will be one of the finest landscape/cityscape artist in the coming years. I wish him success all the way."
(Dr Manas Roy (Roymans) Master Artist and Founder Roymans Art Studio (Kolkata, London))


“May it please the Lord, Light of All Things, To show me the way, So that I may paint Light worthily” … (Leonardo da Vinci)
He has always been painting … be it on the walls of his room in childhood, or the perspectives during his course of Architecture or even the concept sketches he makes for Product Design  … but none have been Art for Art’s sake. It was only after a visit to the Uffizi Gallery in 2012, that Sagnik was truly fascinated by the possibilities of Art & began a more sustained effort in Watercolor Painting.
If travel has been his inspiration, then the internet was the great enabler … he is almost entirely self-taught from the numerous gems scattered in the WWW – Joseph Zbukvic, Viktoria Pricshedko, Myoe Win Aung, Vijay Achrekar & Andy Evansen are only a few of those whose works he has been following closely.
John Singer Sargent, Vincent Van Gogh  & Johannes Vermeer remain his major inspirations.
His style can be best described as representational – sometimes bordering on impressionism & sometimes borrowing from realistic abstraction. Sagnik’s paintings are like visual travelogues telling stories of people, architecture & places he has been to & been inspired by, to paint. 
To him, a painting is as much a personal memoir as it is a visual communique to his audience. 
Currently, Sagnik lives in Mumbai with his wife & son.
Exhibitions/Citations :
-Selection in 100th Annual Member Exhibition of National Watercolor Society (Title: Summer Memoirs) 
-BOLDBRUSH FAV15% Jan 2020 (Titles: Temple Of Jupiter & Grand Place, Brussels)
-Published Article in AMERICAN WATERCOLOR WEEKLY as their Selected Ambassador Of  The Week (28th Jan 2020)
-Selected Artist in 128th Annual Art Exhibition of Bombay Art Society, Jehangir Art gallery, 2020 
-BOLDBRUSH FAV15% Dec 2019 (Title: Waiting For Her Turn)
-BOLDBRUSH FAV15% Nov 2019 (Title: Morning Rush)
-BOLDBRUSH FAV15% Oct 2019 (Titles: Porta Romana, Summer Reflections, Vienna Street)
-BOLDBRUSH FAV15% Sep 2019 (Title: Parallel Lives)
-Article titled "Peopling Your Landscape" (Section: Bright Ideas) published in Watercolor Artist [...]

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