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You may already be familiar with the name Sage Mountain Studio.  I've been running an Etsy shop with this studio name for almost ten years now.  In that shop I maintain a five star rating and have sold more than 980 paintings.  So you can purchase with confidence knowing you will receive a quality piece of art with excellent customer care.  I ship all over the world, but only ship to Canada and the United States from my Etsy shop.  So if you require international shipping please message me for a shipping quote to your country.  You can still make the purchase through Etsy, I will simply adjust the listing for you before you make the purchase.
As for me, I started painting folk art scenes for greeting cards back in 2007.  In 2009 I started painting landscapes on canvas.  After a number of years my desire to work more in the abstract crept in and my landscapes started to change.  I now paint in several different styles, from representational landscapes, to abstract landscapes, to pure abstract where I focus more on colour.  There's also a Signature Style I've developed over the years called the Wavy Lines Project, which focuses on flowing abstract landscapes.
I'm a self taught artist and work primarily in acrylics.  I work from memory as well as from photos, interpreting what I see into my own quirky version of reality.  I love the Canadian landscape.  It speaks to me as an artist and as a Canadian.  I love the ruggedness of the wilderness and try to represent its beauty in the work.  My desire is to capture a sense of place and to communicate that with the viewer.  I work from [...]

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