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Be fearless for the good of the painting!

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“The secret to so many artists living so long is that every painting is a new adventure. So, you see, they're always looking ahead to something new and exciting. The secret is not to look back.” ― Norman Rockwell


Sabrina Stiles is a pastel artist with an expressive style that lends itself to her chosen medium.  Primarily a landscape artist, she draws inspiration from her travels as well as the beautiful landscape near her home in Colorado.  Her keen observation and reverence for the beauty that surrounds her is evident in her work.  She has studied with many nationally recognized artists and has won awards in local, regional and national competition. Her work is in private collections throughout the country.

“I may have always been an artist but lacked the courage and time it takes to become one.  Ha! Now here I am after many miles on a long and at times rather bumpy road which has at last delivered both.
I enjoy asking “What if...?” every day, the excitement of facing a blank surface and the anticipation of what it will become. It’s the challenge and endless possibility of creating two dimensional slices of life that motivates me as an artist.  I’m often drawn to subjects that others might not notice.  Whether it’s interpreting the way the light falls on an old barn, the mystery of a nocturne or the subtle beauty of a hazy morning, my goal is to capture the feeling or mood of the scene.  My hope is that my paintings will evoke a feeling of connection to a time and place that resonates with others.”
Finalist, "Winter Gold", October 2020 Bold Brush Competition
3rd Place, "The Old Apple", 2019 PAAC National Juried Fine Art Exhibition
Honorable Mention, “Sunshine And Snow At Domenico Farm", 2018 PAAC National Juried Fine Art Exhibition
Honorable Mention, "Still A Bit Of Snow", 2017 PAAC National Juried Fine Art Exhibition
Finalist, "Mountain Livin", 2017 The Artist Magazine's Annual Art competition
Best Landscape, "Spring Fever", April/May 2017 Plein Air Salon
Best Pastel, "Morning Study", 2017 Western Spirit Art Show and Sale
Finalist, [...]

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