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BiographyAfter graduating, S. Lee Ager enjoyed teaching art in the public schools.  Her dream, however, was to one day devote her energies to oil painting.  She returned to college and completed an M. A. degree.  Her education was also enhanced by travels to Europe, the Middle East, and South America.  The museum fine art collections that she visited were both humbling and inspiring to her.  She was especially drawn to the works of Vermeer, Degas, Kollwitz, Hopper, and Wyeth.Ager was also accepted into a Master's program in anthropology.  Her studies there had a strong influence on the content of many of her earlier paintings.  They often reflected aspects of the universality of mankind.  Her genre works have explored themes such as hope, fortitude, and the dignity of ordinary people, along with the darker subjects of loneliness, and lost dreams.  Her more recent works have focused on the people, culture, rustic architecture, and landscapes of the western United States.  Her paintings have won many prizes and are in both private and public collections.  Ager lives in the foothills of Colorado, southwest of Denver.Artist's StatementThroughout my career, I have painted in a realistic style, because of my nearly life-long fascination with its challenges.  This style of painting  requires me to be intensely focused throughout the creative process.  I have never been interested in churning out large numbers of works, preferring instead to do each painting carefully and patiently.  Depending on the size of the canvas, it sometimes it takes me seven or eight weeks to finish one piece.I love sharp value contrasts, close-up views, shadow patterns, and unified color schemes.  I enjoy tackling complex details such as the iridescence of a bird's feathers, or the distorted reflections on a curved metal surface.  All the dents, scars, or weathering that I might add to a subject help me to complete the vision that I have about it.  In the future, I hope to continue a lifelong quest to learn and grow as an [...]

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