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Every successful painting should have that indefinable 'something'; a quality that makes the viewer look twice, then ponder the image in wonderment. When it happens, when that elusive gets caught in paint, magic happens.


First, The Facts: Native Southern Californian, born in Los Angeles (really), grew up in the southeastern L.A./northern Orange county areas. Attended Whittier College. After college: got married, moved to the High Desert part of the Mojave Desert and lives there still. Desert-rat residency now at thirty years plus, happily living at the San Gabriel Mountains' northern down-slope where it meets the Mojave Desert. (A truly magical area. And if you ask about it, don’t be surprised by the armchair geology lecture.)
Second, The Art: Started drawing as a child because the artist was completely, totally, irrevocably, horse-crazy. And up until age fifteen, could not have a horse, so she filled her life with paper horses. (She is still horse-crazy, and yes, she still has horses.) Began painting in oils as a pre-teen, at which point, she discovered the lushness of color and the deep, buttery richness of oil paint on canvas. Dry pastels came later to open up a more fantastical realm of her psyche (like she even thought that was possible). Currently, Grogan has started working in acrylics and focusing on abstracts and delighting in the play and splash of pure color. Abstracts are being signed as "ZannGann" to differentiate paintings in her new style.
Third, Honors: Charter member of Western Academy of Women Artists (WAWA); featured in “Art of the West” Magazine, “Western Horseman” Magazine, “Art Prints” Magazine, and “Art Talk” Magazine, among others. Original entry “Canyon Beauty” was a national, Top Ten Finalist in the Trail of Painted Ponies competition, 2007; “Canyon Beauty” is featured in the “Trail of Painted Ponies, "Anniversary Edition” book, and also in “Ride the Sky” book, both published by the Trail of Painted Ponies (Carefree, Arizona). Completed a 9’x 24’ mural for Lucerne Valley Lions Club, Lions’ Pride Park, Lucerne Valley, CA.
Fourth, Current Projects: Active [...]

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