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Ryszard J. Panuszka6460 Eastern Range Road, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46234Facebook: Panuszka's Paintings Gallery.Commissions and shipments: Karla: 317-363-0425, E-mail: [email protected]
Ryszard's art paintings are influenced by the memories and references of European countries like Poland, Italy, Sweden, and Britain. He worked at Universities with Science and Technology in Poland and scholar visited Purdue University IN US. These gave him a variety of environments when taking environmental sound tests, pictures and movies. In the last five years, he would like to express his spiritual feelings on surrounding nature and life in form of art paintings. His paintings reflect a variety of topics including landscape, living and architectural.  He started painting with acrylic then learned oil.  He recently tried watercolors and gouache media.
The inspiration for painting was given to him by Adam Razik, Polish painter (2013).  The most valuable mentoring he received was from Mark Kelso at his Amhakia Studio in Bargersville IN (2014) of different subjects of nature, portrait, and landscape. Other mentoring came from Indianapolis Art Center and workshops with “Paint like an Impressionist” by Addie Hirschten. In 2018 he learned postimpressionism by Donna Shortt at Southside-Art-League-Off-Broadway-Gallery in Greenwood IN. In 2020 improved impressionism from Mary Ann Neely Davis professional Indiana painter.  Different styles and techniques were introduced from Kathy Blankenheim, Roy Boswell and Marti McCoy all Indiana artists. Ryszard is now using oil and acrylic media covering nature, still life, and landscape.   His paintings have been presented in Art Galleries and Art Festivals in the Indianapolis, IN area for the last four years.
Ryszard has a passion for art and music which are an important part of his everyday life. He also is making progress in learning styles from old masters and contemporary artists using different techniques.
His paintings are presented in most of the social media including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, ArtPal, and FASO.  He [...]

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