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Ruth Crotty, a native of New City, New York, has painted since receiving her first box of oil paints at 10 years old. She continued her interest in art by majoring in painting, and receiving a BFA from Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA in 1969. She is comfortable with using all painting mediums, but prefers watercolor and oil. For her, the process of using paint is as important as the subjects she paints. She wants the viewer to see the directional brush strokes of oil, and the fluidness and transparency of watercolor. Otherwise why use paint?
Ruth’s Plein Air paintings are a response to the environment around her, specifically a time and place. As the sun moves across the sky, the scene is constantly changing with new highlights and shadows, creating new compositions, with shifting colors and patterns. The exception is a gray day, where the light barely appears to move. These soft days have a magic all of their own, with saturated color juxtaposed to the neutral gray. Colors are more pure without the sun’s glare. With changing light, nothing ever looks the same twice. 
These nuances of light and their impact on color and texture are what intrigues her, inspiring her to capture them in a painting. She wants to pass on to the viewer the mood created, the thing that made her want to make the painting, to share a time and place.
In the winter months, Crotty paints still life paintings to explore smaller forms and purer color. She especially likes to use fruits and vegetables because of their colors, textures and organic shapes. To create compositions, she uses spot lights to create patterns of light and shadow, changing the colors and texture.
Ruth has painted and shown in upstate New York since 1992. She lives in Saratoga Springs, NY, and belongs to art councils [...]

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