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Ruthann Stoner is an oil and pastel painter based in Flagstaff, Arizona. The images painted by Ruthann are inspired by the desert and mountain regions of Arizona that have shaped her life. For her Grand Canyon Collection she draws inspiration from her 100+ expeditions on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park, as both a river ranger for the National Park Service (NPS) and a commercial guide. Her Arizona Ranch Collection is influenced by her love of horses, developed while riding on the Warren and Wood ranches in southeastern Arizona.
Grand Canyon - A Personal Connection
Fresh out of high school, Ruthann was hired as a Young Adult Conservation Corp worker at Grand Canyon.  Her ranch experience qualified her for work with the NPS horses and mules. Occasionally she had the opportunity of packing mules into the canyon and experiencing the beauty below the rim. She also worked as a helicopter assistant, flying over remote areas of the inner canyon and getting her first glimpses of the great chasm that would later be the inspiration for so much of her art. During her time at the canyon countless hours were spent sketching on the rim and along the canyon trails.  
After the first year spent in Grand Canyon, Ruthann returned to Cochise County where she received a call to return to the park as a river ranger, thus, changing her life forever.  She has spent the last 40 years as part of the Grand Canyon river community. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (studio) and teaching certificate from Northern Arizona University.  She now devotes full time to painting and joins her husband each year on an annual Colorado River trip through Grand Canyon.  She also spends time in the southern Arizona ranch country capturing, on canvas, the desert landscapes and horses she so [...]

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