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Houston based artist, Rusty Burnett, has been painting for 10 years. He started at the age of 69 and had never done any artistic work prior to then. He believes everyone can learn to be an artist. Rusty is a student at The Glassell School of Art, which is a part of The Houston Museum of Fine Arts, for 10 years.  
He does Charcoal,  Pencil, Pastels, Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil painting. His paintings include using models, photographs, and plein air.  His art includes landscapes, portraits, abstract, impressionism, pop art, and realism.  His focus has been portraits for the past couple of years; however, his latest works have geometric borders with abstract art with a lot of canvas exposed. 
Rusty and his wife were significant donors for the construction of the new building that opened in 2018 for The Glassell School of Art.  He currently serves as a Trustee for The Houston Museum of Fine Arts and on the Executive Committee of Glassell School of Art.
Rusty truly believes that "You Too Can Paint".  When he decided to begin painting in 2010, he asked artists what he should do to learn to paint.  They told him to enroll at The Glassell School of Art.   As of the Spring of 2020, he has completed 54 hours of classes at Glassell.  There are still many classes at Glassell that he intends to take.  Several of his classes have included having a live model pose for 15 students.  During those classes he learned that everyone's painting of the model were different.  At Glassell, students are encouraged to share their work and learn from each other as well as their teachers. 

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