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My name is Rupal and I’m a self taught mixed media visual abstract artist based in Atlanta, GA. I am currently open to art licensing opportunities. 
I enjoy working with all manner of mediums and my starting point for each creation is a scribble here and a blob there made from crayon, charcoal, ink, and pencil. Then I begin my many layers by adding, scratching, scraping and sanding with acrylic, collage, oil sticks and more. My goal with each piece in the beginning stages is to play and have fun without the end result in mind. Slowly the work emerges as each layer is added. 
I attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and earned a Graduate Gemologist (GG) diploma. Colors and textures of gemstones, and veining in natural stones, are a strong inspiration for my artwork. I am also influenced by textiles and patterns found in both vintage and new designs. 
When I’m not painting you’ll find me working in the home furnishings industry where I furnish interiors with beautiful product through one of our many retail partners. Much of my art inspiration comes from working with the design community and stores, and in understanding their client needs. I have worked in the field of decorative arts for over 20 years. 
And when I’m not working, I enjoy watching British shows on BritBox, listening to Spotify and podcasts, and hunting down the best local outdoor patio for cocktails with my neighbors. 
Thank you for taking the time to visit my site! I look forward to connecting with you.  
“Abstract art does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors and textures.” 

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