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           Royal Ford is a self-taught artist whose works hang in homes andbusinesses from Southeast Asia to across the United States.
           His subjects are based on travels in a combination of careersthat have taken him to 34 countries and every state in the United States.He has been a writer for the Boston Globe and the New York Times news andis the author of articles published in newspapers, magazines, and booksaround the world.      He is an avid hiker, in year-round climes, continues to write, has just moved to
Panama, where a whole new world to paint unfolds. He loves to follow sports, particularly
soccer, and his beloved New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox and Celtics.      His ''other'' career was as a tester of a broad range of automobiles,both foreign and domestic, from street use to high performance,  for which he wrote reviews. He also took part in races and challenges, in a range of events driving vehicles  such as  Porsche, Audi, Volvo, Land and Range Rovers, and Jeep.     He has driven on the Nurburgring in Germany, the Autodrome d'Estoril in Portugal, Daytona Speedway, the back country offroad trails of Moab, Utah,  the fabled Rubicon Trail, and the Baja course in Mexico among many others.      He likes to paint from memory, eschewing realisim for interpretation, and thus paints in an array of genres and styles.    Just as he calls the writing process much like carpentry - get the tools, draw plans, measure the materials, and put it all together - he considers what he calls the pleasure of ''tossing paint'' to be a process of building. [...]

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