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When I was a kid, I went to a Degas exhibit at the Huntington Library. I remember walking into a room of drawings of dancers with a sculpture in the middle of the room. As I walked around looking at the drawings, I was overcome.
I could feel the damp heat of the ballet studio, smell the dancers hard work and hear their shoes on the wood floor. These were 100 year old charcoal drawings from a different continent, and yet I was there. It was then that I realized that art can transport you…through time and space.
It also occurred to me that a photograph of the same scene would not have done the trick, I would have been firmly planted in my reality trying to make sense of the photograph. It is something about the artist’s hand, even in black and white sketches, that had the power to move me through time and space. At that moment I began pursuing that ability to transport and take my viewer somewhere else.

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