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                                                                                                  Artist's Statement
      Using the divine gift of an artist's eye and attempting to celebrate God's creation, I paint for me.  There is extraordinary beauty in everyone's face and in the most ordinary places and things.  It's my desire to capture on canvas and paper what my heart sees.  Each painting brings a new opportunity for growth and learning, and my work is constantly evolving.  I want my brush to dance across the canvas to create a unique and romantically realistic vision.  That my paintings touch others is pure joy for me.
       Rosemary Sexton, a native of Western North Carolina now divides her time between studios in Port Charlotte, Florida and Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  She is a professional fine artist recognized for her romantically realistic paintings of the people, places and things dear to her.   As a full time artist, Rosemary finds all mediums fascinating but oil painting consumes most of her studio time.  Her artwork is an expression of the joy she feels and the peace she finds in the simple beauty of life, especially in the faces of the people she loves and the strangers she meets.  Rosemary explores the relationship [...]

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