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As an artist, I love to paint, oils, acrylic, and pastels.  I paint portraits of people, their dogs and cats, flowers, the ocean and more!  I also do drawings. I started drawing before I can even remember. My Mom told me that if I did not have drawing paper, I would draw on objects. We would laugh as she told me stories of all the objects I would draw on as a child. I painted the TV and I even painted my dog Tippy’s white colorings with bright red lipstick!

My father let me use his brownie camera as a young kid and this started my love for photography. I studied photography in art school and my love for is has been with me ever since. Indeed, I'm at my happiest
when I’m at the shore taking photos of the beach.  Then when I’m home I download my treasures, beautiful reference photos to paint from, or to print as lovely photographs!
In learning Computer Artwork, I discovered I love to draw with Corell Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Lightroom.
I am currently taking commissions to paint, as well as selling Fine Art Archival Giclee Prints of my artwork and/or my photography. These can be custom printed for your particular collection, including acrylic Prints, Fine Art Archival Giclee Prints.
Oh, and I promise, I will paint portraits of your dog, not on your dog!
Thank you for visiting! I enjoy sharing my Artwork and Photography with you and hope you are inspired to commission your own unique Rosemary M_Oleskin creation!
You can find me on  https://www.Facebook,com/aquaro                Fb.me/@aquaro14      
or  Messenger:  M.Me/aquaro14
Phone-   302-393-4209

Rosemary M_Oleskin

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