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On a long ago August vacation, when Rosemary was about 12 years old, her family loaded up the Chevy, drove to the corner of their street and the highway to Fort Worth.  Her Dad asked “Which way?”  The choice was “West”.  Several trips followed; driving, driving, driving across West Texas and New Mexico (in August with no AC).  On recent trips seeing the amazing geological formations and vivid colors again were like meeting old friends.  She wanted to see these old friends again and again and to tell the story of these wild regions through painting.
Rosemary completed courses in Art History at The University of Texas,  and is a self-taught painter - reading, observing the natural world, painting daily and attending art workshops.  She draws inspiration from the masters of Western art Maynard Dixon, Edgar Payne, Martin Hennings, Oscar Berninghaus to name a few.  By painting daily and drawing insights from the works of artists of the past and innumerable current painters, she finds painting to be a joyful learning process and a means to share her impressions of the Southwest.
Rosemary paints weekly with the Bunkhouse Painters at Wenmohs Ranch Artists Retreat in Cypress Mill, Texas.

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