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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.rosemariearmstrong,com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Oil Painter of Canadian Atmospheres, Earth and Water

  • Masterful at The Art of Illumination

  • Signature Member of Artists for Conservation International (AFC)

  • Price Range: $300.00 - $5,800.00

The Artist Says:

“The most magnificent thing about being a painter, is being one with nature and the canvas at the same time.
Painting defines my life; it is a gift that permits me to respect and interpret the world I live in, especially when painting on location.
I see how nature can inspire us with its profound beauty and, humble us with its power."

Collectors Say:

"I am a lover of realism in nature art and as such have been completely captivated by Rosemarie's fine oils.
Just as I find inner peace and solace in nature itself; thanks to Rosemarie, I can enjoy the same emotions in my home.
There is more though: there is a gentle spiritualism that speaks through her unique capturing of illumination found in the power of nature.
Who could ask for more?"
Brenda E, Chabot
RA Collector
"Rosemarie is an artist with extraordinary vision.  Her process is painstaking and precise, resulting in images that are unique in their intricacy and depth. Rosemarie sketches her scenes, not relying solely on her memory to capture what she wants to create.  The layers of paint and nuanced pigments build depth and dimension, resulting in a piece of art that is rich in detail and subtleties of colour; a rendering of the original image that is evocative and complex.  Some of Rosemarie’s works, such as those in her Illumination Series, add an additional element.   These works deceptively look like “normal” paintings; however, when illuminated, a new depth is revealed and they become luminous.  "Janis Williams, Collector

Dealers Say:

"Armstrong's delicate strokes create a striking and profound realistic depiction of nature in movement. It is her form of communicating to the viewers the majestic features that one can see when being free of the urban lifestyle. Rosemarie Armstrong is an artist that offers virtuosic and imaginative works, providing work of immense artistic interest."
Yadira Roman - ArtTour International Magazine
"Inspired by change in the world around her, Rosemarie travels Canada, delving deeply into nature to achieve her emotionally charged atmospheres, earth and water. She spends hours of concentration and imagination applying layers of oil paint and glazes to create her spectacular works." 
Joan Hope - Gallery Owner Dragonfly Arts on Broadway

Other Artists Say:

"Rosemarie Armstrong is an atmospheric painter, capturing expanses of sky, the extremes in weather and movement of water. You can become lost in her paintings of waves crashing on shores and threatening clouds."  Roslyn Levin - Sumi-E Artist


"Atmosphere, earth and water are the elements which inspire my artistic practice. My oil paintings depict the constant transformation of the natural world; the creative process begins in nature through plein air studies, sketches, and experiences which build the foundation for my studio work. I see how nature can inspire us with its profound beauty and, humble us with its power."
Canadian artist Rosemarie Armstrong has been painting for over four decades. Her seascape and landscape paintings reflect her artistic soul and her professional calibre. Masterful use of light, colour and composition is deliberate; her process of layering the oil paint results in an illuminated quality of atmosphere, earth and water. Rosemarie's paintings are representational yet imaginative; they celebrate movement, textures and images abundant in nature but often unseen due to their fleeting nature. The opportunity to witness nature's majesty draws Rosemarie to explore Canada's magnificent and often remote locations.
Contrasting themes of turbulence, serenity, darkness and illumination underscore Rosemarie's emotional connection to our environment. She believes that through artists and their work, people can envision the best of our world and the human spirit. Creativity in all its forms, can draw attention to world issues; climate, environment, change inflicted by progress. Artists can help the public to engage with issues of environmental destruction and degradation through their artistic images and conversation.
Rosemarie Armstrong is an artist creating work of immense artistic interest. Her paintings are enjoyed in numerous private collections around the globe. Publications include AFC International Exhibit of Nature in Art Hardcover Editions, Art Tour International Magazine Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art Catalogue and Book Cover Rodopi Publications Turku University, Finland. She is an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America and National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society. 
A percentage of all sales of Rosemarie’s artwork will be donated to AFC initiatives.Rosemarie is a Signature Member of [...]

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