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A career in the arts seemed inevitable from an early age, as I remember always having a love for drawing and painting. I have passionately worked on my painting skills, seeking the ability to communicate not just a pretty scene, but a sense of emotionality within the painting. My style incorporates the use of harmonious color and expressive mark making to convey my message using a limited palette of warm and cool hues. My paintings have impressionistic leanings as I enjoy applying paint in a “broken color” fashion, whether using buttery oils or acrylic paints. Creating a visual orchestration that has it’s own voice and speaks to myself and others is my goal with each painting.

Plein air painting in particular is a joy for me, and makes my soul sing! I feel a connection with the landscape when out in nature capturing a scene. The challenge of getting the essence of a painting down quickly with shifting light patterns, weather changes and intrusive “no see ums” is a fulfilling experience that drives my desire to create. Many lessons have been learned through this practice that carry over into my studio work as well.

Landscapes are my predominant subject matter, as I am fascinated by shifting light and the atmospheric effect it has on a scene as a whole. I enjoy working on florals and still life as well for a change of pace. I paint in my studio at home and also a working space at Cape Fear Studios in Fayetteville, an artists’ cooperative, where I have been an exhibiting member for 12 years.

Continued work and study are vital to improving and evolving my paintings, as I hope to make each one better than the last. My work bears my signature, figuratively speaking, through each brushstroke. Whether working from the studio or [...]

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