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To understand what has really happened, look to the art of any era.


R. Freeland is a fine artist and designer living in Los Angeles, work is about human events and issues that are capsulated in have always worked as an artist professionally from sixteen, commercially, and a practicing fine artist. 
After working my way through production to creative director in Nashville, Tennesee, I took time off to relocate and attend Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. At Art Center College of Design, I had the extraordinary good fortune to have guidance from world-class mentors, Stephen Prina, Jeremy Gilbert-Roth, Mike Kelly, and Uta Barth. During this time, I embraced art history and understood more about women's placement in the visual arts. I had never before questioned my role as a woman or contemplated that there would be any challenges at all, perhaps because to create visual art requires one to be in a mental space of real-time thought. It could not have been a grander education or experience. I graduated in 1990, earning my BFA with Distinction from Art Center College of Design
The following semester I began at California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California, and committed to earning my Master's degree in Fine Arts. This time was extraordinarily challenging and rewarding. I met weekly with Connie Hatch and focused on my thesis show. I experimented with color saturation creating whole rooms of yellow jelly beans, for example. But ultimately, I still wondered about the history of women; what was missing?
My thesis, Illustrated History of Women, was comprised of billboard-sized digitally printed canvases of alternate history. I morphed images of myself onto artifacts and imagery to create the "President of the United States," a picture of a business-suited professional woman behind the Oval Office desk. Other canvas portraited a Woman on the Moon or Hypatia in the Library of Alexandria.
All works were created with photos and photoshop [...]

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