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   I am Rose Firestone artist, author.  I grew up on Long Island, New York and moved to North Carolina in the early 80's.  I worked in Special Education for 6 years and regular education for 18 years. I am now retired and focusing on my art and writing.
    Through the media of oils and acrylics, pencil and chalk I blend color and feelings, mood and imagination onto my canvas.  I mix all my colors on canvas.   As I pull and blend each color, one marries into another and new vibrant and vivid colors are born.   I never plan in advance what I will paint.  When I can walk into my painting and become part of it, I know it is done.
     As an artist I create seascapes and skyscapes, abstracts and originality and as a writer, I bring its story to each piece I paint.  I write in my genre' of creative imagery, adding life and imagination, understanding and meaning to each of my paintings.  All written pieces are included with the sale.
the painter
it began where it began
with an image that grew an image
with one stroke that grew another
into vibrant color
with linseed oil with ocher and bone
with ground white lead and a moldered stone
colors born of natural places
with whites that contained bits of green and other traces
and blues that are not blue but traces of yellow
that echo with light in a reverent halo
and ultramarine with vermilion and light
like the clouds unframed
combined....not just white
charred ivory from a fire rack
makes the paint glow to a bitter black
and moldered grinds of bone will blend
as the brush is drawn back
from the canvas end
and dipped again with that brush
by those hands
that are small
but opaquely skilled
bringing out his projection
 his image and his view
that is captured and skillfully willed
false colors that project [...]

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