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I am drawn to color, texture and light, finding inspiration in landscapes, architecture and still lifes. I am an oil painter with a desire to capture the essence and experience of my subject. My palette and lines are influenced by the impressionists. Born in Connecticut, I relocated several times, always returning to New England. The variety of landscape, changing seasons and a strong feeling of home has me settling in. I think of my life's journey as a diverse path, sometimes as a cat with nine lives.
Although I studied art in my 20's at Hartford Art School, my career path went in a different direction. During my 20 year career in environmental emergency response my art evolved from a hobby to a vibrant passion. My experiences taking classes in drawing, pastels, pottery and oil painting have inspired me, providing me with a diverse foundation. Looking back, I feel fortunate to have had a rewarding and interesting career. And now, looking forward, I am thrilled to be "coming home" to my evolving career and journey as a painter.
For me the recent experience of standing in a palazzo in Ravello Italy painting the community church brought together two lifetime dreams. Getting lost in the process of painting where time and external noise fall away has come to feel essential. I appreciate the unspoken conversation one has upon viewing art and the unique voice of each artist.

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