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In my first career I flew VIP jets at Washington’s Andrews AFB, as an Air Force pilot in the Presidential Wing. As a result of my very blessed flying career, I can say that each hand-crafted Wagner miniature grand piano is made with hands that have shaken hands with six U.S. Presidents, three First Ladies, two Vice-Presidents, Senators, Representatives, Cabinet heads, Ambassadors, astronauts, cosmonauts, Generals and Admirals.
SHREDDING TREES After my first dream career, I switched to another dream: being an author. Instead of jetting all over the country, I stayed home, writing about 100 technical books that sold more than 10,000,000 copies. In my spare time, I wrote two weather books, ghost-wrote four business books, and had an eight-year run with my own Sunday newspaper comic strip.
LOVING TREESTo make amends for grinding to pulp enough trees to print 10 million books, I took up a Wagner family tradition that turns trees into beautiful family heirlooms. Detailed hand craftsmanship dates back more than 80 years in the Wagner family: to the original miniature grand piano music boxes. And now, I've refined the original 1936 Wagner design into a modern, detailed, technical marvel that plays real piano music, each one hand-crafted. Order yours today!

Ronald Wagner
Former USAF Pilot Author, Comic Strip Artist Miniature Piano Craftsman

Wagner Grand Piano Music BoxesAn 80-year legacy

Here's the original, which my dad made during the Great Depression. He sold them in a gift shop in Beverly Hills. Shirley Temple’s aunt bought one for the star's eighth birthday. A few years later, Liberace bought one. A few years later, my dad put my mom’s engagement ring in the one in this photo when he proposed to her, saying, “You can have this music box, but I come with it.” Lucky for me, she loved them both.
FIRST RESURRECTION I inherited [...]

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