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Thank you for visiting my online gallery and learning more about me.
I grew up in Southern California admiring the outdoor beauty of sunsets, coastal scenes, and mountains. Throughout my life, the extraordinary landscapes, mountain ranges, and coastal scenes have provided endless inspiration for my work. I encourage you to visit my Landscape Collection.

I'm an impressionist painter and best known for my rich and colorful sunset paintings, landscapes and seascapes. I use oils and lush colors with texture that give my paintings unique depth. Complexly arranging and layering, I achieve highly textured surfaces that are astoundingly powerful. My dynamic style conveys a transcendental view of nature. My art is treasured in both public and private collections.

All my works are inspired by my travels up and down the coast of California from San Diego to San Francisco. The coastal scenes, sunsets on the water, sail boats in the distance, (feel free to visit my Seascape Collection) and many walks through nature enjoying the beauty of trees, mountains, lakes, and flowers.
Each piece is painted with oil on canvas or panel. Oil paints are perfect for creating depth and movement. I use precise lines and vantage points to instill a sense of distance and depth in my paintings. I love working with deep colors. Each piece of fine art that I create is unique. I love using colors to get the mood across. A subdued palette creates feelings of solitude, mystery, and calm in my artwork. Likewise, soft and blended lines instill a sense of tranquility. Places of natural beauty have always inspired me. With each piece of art, I'm recreating that feeling for you. 
I have followed, studied and learned from many of my contemporaries. I live in Calimesa California where I enjoy painting in my art studio.
Memberships, Exhibitions, and Representations: 
California Art Associstion
Redland's Art Association Gallery
California Gallery 62
California [...]

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