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Drawing, painting and furniture design and building have always been a big part of my life.  My first art teacher  was Charlie Bishop who tried her best to direct and keep me focused during my high school years.   Of course I did not fully appreciate what she was trying to do at the time.  Out of high school, I studied art in college and have continued independent study while visiting as many museums as possible around the US and in Europe.  In 2007, I began studies in figure drawing at Pacific NW College of Art while at the same time, taking advantage of a couple of excellent  figure drawing studios around Portland, Oregon several nights per week.  And then I began painting again and have been doing so since.
I enjoy the process of creating something - the imagining of, the planning and then the execution of a piece of furniture or a painting even though that process can be a roller coaster ride full of many emotions.  In the end, the finished product can give me a good feeling of accomplishment if all goes well and especially when someone like yourself also enjoys what I have painted.   I remember selling my first painting when I was around 13 years old.  It gave me such great satisfaction.  I continued to sell to family friends and their friends for a number of years, but then with a family to raise and a long, successful career in the event and trade show business, there was little time to devote to my art.   That career provided me with a creative outlet and to work with diverse teams to design and fabricate some amazing trade show exhibits.
My wife and I recently moved to Palm Springs, CA from Portland, OR to escape the drizzle and gloom of [...]

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