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I was born in 1960 and grew up Texan in the Dallas area. I`m sure I was just emulating my brother, Hollis, when I first started drawing. We are separated in age by twenty years with two sisters between us. He worked as a draftsman for an aerospace firm in north Dallas by the time I was crawling age. I used to lay on the floor under his drafting table and draw while he worked. He replenished my paper supply with end trimmings from large print jobs at his office. In school, it was quickly apparent I would never be friendly with structured academics. Class time was spent drawing. By the time I entered high school, I began showing work in local exhibitions and producing short animated films with friends. Though producing little in the way of scholastic achievement, my artwork drew notice from retired Disney artist, Dick Rule. He brought my work to the attention of the training department at Walt Disney Feature Animation in Los Angeles where I was offered an internship to do feature films with the understanding I first graduate high school. By this time, Hollis had built a very successful career as a sculptor in Colorado. Having spent several summers working with him in the studio and bronze casting foundry, I had developed romantic notions about moving to Denver instead of LA. After a couple of disappointing semesters in liberal arts school, I packed my truck and moved to Denver in the summer of 1980 to work for Hollis full time. This was a real renaissance time for me. With my brother as a constant mentor, I began to seriously study with artists to whose work I had aspired growing up. Ned Jacob, Jon Zahourek, Len Chmiel, Kang Cho, Bob Kuhn, Richard [...]

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