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Farmland, beaches, swamps and creeks
Cows and corn and cotton
An odd little boy is out of place.
He dreams
Who paints the sky?
He leaves
but not far enough
He dreams
Who cares?
He does.
He paints the sky, 
Lucky little farm boy.
The following is a quote from
 Informed Collector, Aug. 6, 2012 on Ron Griswold

 A 21st century Modigliani comes to mind. As a master of oil painting, his modern choices make his art remarkable. Elongated, exaggerated body parts, unusual colors, selection of subject matter and how his subjects appear on his canvas allcombine to create tantalizing hints of wonderment, mystery and pure evocation of subconscious elements that haunt us all.
The following is a quote from  Cleveland Scene  Aug. 15, 2014 

The bodies Griswold paints are beautiful not only for how they look, but because of what they can do; and what they do is an expression of admirable qualities, namely dedication to athletic perfection. The subjects are appreciated as full persons, not diminished but honored by their nudity. Griswold’s subjects are of a moment and an era; if they weren’t frozen in paint, in another second they would have stuck the landing or landed a punch, and then went on with their 21st century lives. 


The following is an interview featured on Advocate.com
 Artist Spotlight: Ron Griswold


 Griswold gives you the male figure in a direct, emotional way — no coy justifications needed.

 Ron Griswold is an accomplished artist whose work is in many private collections around the [...]

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