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To me all objects are living objects, even if they are man made. Shipbuilding cranes, an abandoned car, parking meters—they evolve over time through human intervention or elements of decay; they accumulate strata of story; they affect the people who interact with them in both subtle and profound ways. My paintings call attention to these living aspects of everyday objects. 
There’s so much history in every object—all those people who built it, all those lives that were touched by the use of it, all the ways time has changed it. It saddens me to think all this just goes away, unrecognized. My paintings preserve these histories, rendering objects in all their complexity, in a singular moment of time. 
I prepare for my paintings through multiple site visits, sketches, and photographs. In the studio I work largely with acrylic paint on gesso board, playing with light, angle, texture, and dimension to invite the viewer into a personal relationship with the subject. 
When I was working on “Stands The Time,” I spent four months visualizing, pondering, interacting with, and painting the Mare Island shipbuilding cranes. After I completed the painting, I went back to the site, and I felt like I was visiting an old friend. 
That’s what I hope to do with my art—not only to bring recognition to these overlooked objects, but to render them with such warmth, intimacy, and care that viewers can’t help but feel the same way.
Clint Watson of Informed Collector describes Ron Craig’s paintings as “contemporary works inspiring an evolution of thought when studied. The viewer is easily taken from the obvious, surface level deductions to a truer, deeper moment of understanding.”  

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