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The Artist Says:

Dang, that's pretty.
If it stops you paint it.
Think ( like tortoise). Paint (like a bunny). MOVALLI
Choosing to be an artist could mean you may not be wealthy but chances are you'll be really happy. That's what counts anyhow.
For me, drawing was the beginning and it will probably be the end too. If you can't draw, everything you do is an accident. Carry a tiny sketchbook.
Study the great artists of the past and present. If you must plagerize...take from only the best. Don't paint what you see, paint what you feel about what you see.
Think of each start as a study...if ends up good call it a painting.
Study color theory. Johann Itten says " if you can paint a masterpiece without knowing color theory. Do it".
Monet said," Color is my day long obsession, joy and torment".
Study: drawing; color; composition; art history...then paint.
Talk to yourself a lot while working...stimulates your memory of wisdom of the masters. Ignore onlookers.

Collectors Say:

Kurt & Ron,
The past few days have been so busy, I have not had a chance to thank you for
your helpfulness with Ron Grauer's paintings, and I appreciate the pricing
very much. Mr. Grauer, too, for being so kind. His paintings do reveal for me
"the beauty of the Lord" for me. The writer Annie Dillard, also a believer,
wrote in her book "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" how a certain tree was for her the
revelation of God, and I think that Mr. Grauer's paintings are in the same mode.
I am so glad that the show went splendidly. Every art dealer I speak with
about Mr. Grauer discusses his work with the utmost enjoyment and respect,
well-deserved.Blessings. My company leaves tomorrow and I will be free to think and write a
Paul Pluth
Father Paul Richard Pluth, OSB   Our Lady of the Lake Catholic  Parish 
Seattle, Washington
God's foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God's weakness is stronger
than human strength.
1 Corinthians 1:25 

Dealers Say:

 A gallery owner in Carmel described "The Twilight" painting I
purchased as one of Mr. Grauer's best. If I had the disposible income, I would be
buying up many more--but am happy to be able to acquire one (or two) at a time.

Father Paul Richard Pluth, OSB 

Other Artists Say:

(just kidding)


At the age of two, in St Joseph, Missouri, I can remember a big maroon biplane with spirals on its still-rotating wheels roaring past the windshield of my father’s car. Dad took us to the airport often. The thrill of those early sounds and scenes inspired me to study all the airplane pictures I could lay my hands on. During that process of studying I cemented my lifelong love of aviation and art thru teaching myself the rudiments of draftsmanship…sketches of airplanes were on the inside covers of every book in our house and some of the walls.
Just before graduating from high school  I enlisted the Navy (1945-46). The GI Bill gave me a year of college followed by years of art schools. Washburn University, Kansas City Institute of Art, The  Ringling School of Art, Sarasota, FL where I ran out of GI bill  so I went to work at a hometown (Topeka, KS) ad agency as an art director/illustrator for 6 months until up popped the Korean Thing. Back in the Navy for a couple more years (1950-52)..which fortunately included more GI Bill. With my goal at that time of becoming an illustrator I enrolled in the Famous Artists correspondence course while still in the Navy as a Draftsman/Illustrator 3rd Class at Navy Training Aids  Went directly from the Navy to California in 1952 and started in graphics once again as an art director for several years.  With my restored GI Bill I went back to school at Art Center in LA as well as Chouinard School of Art and a couple semesters at UCLA. Opened my very successful graphics studio in LA 1954 to 1969.  I flew at every opportunity… commercial license… instrument rating …flew a childhood dream from LA to NY (right over the St Joseph airport where it all began)… [...]

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