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Thank you for taking the time to peruse the visualizations of my imaginings, I truly do appreciate your interest and your time.  I enjoy the challenge of painting varieties of subjects and I use acrylics because they are water soluble, odorless, and fast drying.  I admit that I chose the medium to fit my transient lifestyle only to learn that the lifestyle would be a barrier to any kind of painting.  I was very fortunate to have received my early education in Pennsylvania where the steel industry employed artists and designers who also worked in the public school system as teachers.  Those teachers and particularly Mr. Michael J. Kensic (the director of the Art Program in the Har-Brack School system) brought the world of commercial art into the classroom and I was exposed to a merger of fine art and the real world of business art earlier than most students.  On the other hand, in my Junior year I had a guidance counselor who told me that I needed to go to college because I would starve to death if I pursued Art as a living.  I did graduate from college but that experience has only a little to do with the formation of my painting process.  I also have a Master's Degree from Emory University and that has even less to do with the discipline of painting however, it was there that I learned much more about being disciplined.  The process of being educated has helped me to appreciate art composition and structure while graduate level study has taught me how to draw my inspiration from my context. In my first Art History class in High School I accepted Fine Art as being a reflection of the contextual timeline.  As a result, art is (for me) a public form of "confession."  My graduate level education is my foundation for a "more informed point of [...]

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