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While having a connection to the artistic masters through her training and deep admiration, Sen works to bring this influence into the present through her contemporary work. Sen is also inspired by the beauty and wildness of the animal world, holding a degree in Zoology and experience working in a variety of wildlife scenarios.
Sen began her formal study in France at the private studio art school, Studio Escalier,  she then went on to Grand Central Academy in New York for a short term. Seeking a long-term program of study, Sen moved permanently from her home base in New Zealand to Los Angeles to study at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, where she graduated, has taught and is based from today. 
Sen's artistic philosophy seeks to explore humanity and beauty, creating moments of contemplation and connection. Through sensitive observation of the subject, there is an attention to detail and purposeful moments of haze, a visual representation that guides the eye of the viewer towards a visceral response of their own. The universal language of beauty and human emotion is timeless and universal.

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