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"...I want the viewer to use their own imaginations when they look at my work, there is a great deal left unsaid, much to express. Many times they see more in a painting than you ever knew it contained.
Many of my compositions, the texture on the panels, the brush marks of oil paint, have that vitality and autobiographical content from external influences. 


Roger Firestone (b. 1949) born in Harrisburg, PA  Firestone works out of his Smith Mountain lakeside studios in Moneta, VA. He credits his passion for painting to his father  (artist/illustrator) for teaching and motivating him to develope his artistic talents. He had the opportunity to travel throughout northern and central Europes' major art centers and museums. 
              Firestone has an extensive resume that started in art education and media studies at the university level. He was a recipient of a Fellowship at Rochestor Institute of Technology in graphic research and dedicated over a three year period of time at Dartmouth College archiving, transferring and storing to digital media over four thousand photo glass plates from the estate of the American illustrator Maxfield Parrish.  
               An award winning artist Firestone continues to paint full time that has given him recognition from international, national and regional juried exhibitions. He is a member of the Portrait Society of America, numerous art associations and councils in Pennsylvania, Abiquiu, NM where he lived and worked in the high desert area for eight years and is an associate member of the Salmagundi Club each year and member of the SML Arts Council of  VA.  
                He travels regularly throughout the East Coast, Southwest, Europe and most recently has returned from China and Cuba. He is working on his collection of field studies that have lead to a series of actual experiences and meaningful paintings from each of the countries. 
                                       "From these travels it is gratifying and wonderful to have the knowledge of what you paint...a growing 

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