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It's true, this art gig is a fairly recent change of direction for me. I've spent most of my working life as a logger and a horseman. I started logging back in the early 70's, big timber and steep ground in the West Coast forest. In 1978, tired of the rain, I, along with my then-wife and kids, moved to the interior of British Columbia. We bought a homestead-or a stump ranch as it's called around here. I liked logging ,but the havoc that we as conventional loggers left in our wake was pretty disheartening.
My next career move was to buy a team of draft horses and decide to make a living as a horse-logger. I often say that I didn't expect to get rich by horse-logging and sure enough, that worked. It's a tough, very physical way to make a living but I was my own boss, working in the woods every day and, best of all I was spending all day every day with these big, beautiful horses. And so I put in over 30 years with a chainsaw and a bunch of equine partners, logging in a way that made sense to me and allowed me to make a living and still leave a healthy forest standing when we were done.
So how the hell does painting fit in? Well, I caught the art bug from a horse-logger buddy of mine who was getting back into painting after a long lay off. I looked over his shoulder one day and thought "how hard can that be?" Right. But that was the spark, there was something there that I couldn't let go of, and it somehow became very important to me to gain the skills I needed to bring to life the good horses and the beauty of the natural [...]

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