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 Rochelle Buss Szews is a native of Green Bay, Wisconsin where her family nurtured and encouraged all forms of creativity.  She graduated with a bachelor degree and master degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and Western Michigan University respectively.  After years of working with children and adults, she fell ill and had to discontinue her career.  Fortunately, she loved to draw.  At the time, Rochelle and her husband lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Because she had a desire and need to draw, her husband encouraged her to pursue academic fine art instruction at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design(MIAD),  The classical art training led to co-hosting open studio drawing sessions with other local artists while living in Green Bay.  She also served as “artist in residence “for a local pre-professional ballet company.  Rochelle and her husband presently live in Naples, Florida where she continues to study with other artists. She established a studio called,  Studio Rochelle, in Naples, Florida.  
Artist Statement
I believe creativity is inherent in all people.  It is infinitely expressed beginning in childhood and continued throughout each life.  My particular form of creativity that I am privileged to express, is in the form of drawing and painting.  Before beginning a work, I ask myself a few questions and then begin to make some decisions.  What piques my interest is a line, shape, color, light, mood or expression. Then I make the choices of medium , pigments and substrate.  Finally, I allow myself to be guided by the first stroke or mark all the while desiring to strive for authenticity in my work.  

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