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Paintings that sway between impressionism , abstracted landscapes, and tonalism of the times of the day that capture a mood of calm and reflection.  Subtle shapes, imagery, and value changes that are complex in their composition but appear simple which are refined, reduced, or expanded until they become what the canvas dictates.Each canvas has a minimum of 4 coats of varnish. Final varnish coats are a matte finish.
Born 1946. 4th generation Coloradan. Income source for  4+ decades : working owner of a custom cabinetry, furniture, architectural millwork company ; working superintendent on restaurant and hospital renovations ; part of a team carving multiple large format (8 ft x 10 ft ) clay molds that would then be used as rubber casted forms for highway concrete sound walls ; finish carpentry. Been able to focus more attention to paintings on canvas the last 15 years.
. Primary influence: a Courbet at the Denver Art Museum that is much darker in value then the adjacent pieces, but more captivating. I hesitate to use the term " self-taught " because of all the information that is absorbed and used on a daily basis, but there is no academic art education nor workshops in my background.
Fav 15% (juries favorite 15% of entries ) May 2020 Boldbrush competition.
Fav15% ( juries favorite 15% of the entries ) Feburary 2018 BoldBrush competition.Grey mesa -2" was a finalist in the FASO Boldbrush contest Feb 2013.FASO Informed Collector article May 2, 20Have been juried into a number of shows, but have been concentrating on:  online competitions/exhibitions and social media for the  last few years.Will explore juried art shows again in the near future. 

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