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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $25.00 - $1,295.00
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The Artist Says:

Robyn is from the small southerly city of Dunedin New Zealand. She moved to Sydney in 2001 where she has lived ever since with her partner and jack russellx.  She loves nothing more than to jump in the kombi and get out of the city, but also enjoys finding nature pockets hidden in the burbs.The core inspiration in her artwork is nature. Her art encompasses and collects a narrative from more than the traditional perspective of landscape painting. Many themes and subjects conspire and reveal themselves to a sense of belonging but also; of how humans have evolved the landscape, and its' inevitable impact.Washes of watercolour both bold and delicate, abstractly background the illustrative quality of expressive pen and ink details. Under layering or overlaying, bleeding into the paint and creating textures. Robyns scapes' can be playful, brooding and contemplative, as forever engaging as nature itself.


New Works on Paper 2021 
This watercolour series has been the result of time spent isolated in my studio. Beginning in the Black Summer 2019/2020, where the sunlight  was filtered through a blanket of smoke that hung over Sydney. Back then I was preparing for an exhibition @hurstvillemuseumgallery putting the final touches on a series of paintings about ecosystems and human impact- I was just finding my way to connect with this land.  My painting practice was disturbed by the change in light conditions - not to mention the horror of watching the news as thousands of hectares of Australia's bushland burned taking with it millions of creatures.  Slowly I have been putting together the series which has for me been an outlet for my grief for the loss of wildlife and its habitat. Knowing that in most areas regrowth and the reintroduction of animals to the bushland gives hope for their future survival I have been able to find the beauty in their spirits. 
Recent Exhibition
Aarwun Salon 21
Aarwun Gallery 
Canberra, ACT
Tranquil Places to Hang Idyllwild

Hurstville Museum and Gallery, NSW, Australia
Dealer Gallery -  Bluethumb Gallery, Australia
My paintings depict a connection to land and spirit. I use instinctual mark-making in a process of abstraction that draws heavily on nature, but also on the impact of humans and the way in which we use public spaces. Some of the paintings reveal objects that might be found by archaeology, others the detritus perhaps left behind after a day on the beach.
Many symbols embedded within each piece pertain to the ghosts and memories held by the land and its people. Entities good, bad or neutral, dance together around the trees obscured by mist.
I intend to create a sense of quiet disquiet, listen to the wind, feel the land, smell the air and note [...]

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