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I'm a  Chicago based artist,  focused mainly on animal and landscape painting.   The natural world hypnotizes me with her light and color, and  nourishes me with her mystery and beauty. My other body of work involves conjuring images  from an inner world, informed by dreams,  poetry, and storytelling. With gratitude,  I take my small place in the timeless line of artists who have been fascinated with the  intellectual and spiritual aspects of painting.  I feel very fortunate to have this passion. The challenge of trying to convey what is still preserved on our  astounding, blue planet has never stopped thrilling me.
Twenty percent of all sales go to the World Wildlife Fund.
                        BA. Art - Northern Illinois University
                        Graduate studies -  painting and printmaking - School of the Art Institute of Chicago
                        Graduate studies - Medieval and Impressionist Art - University of Chicago
Workshops:  Jon Redmond, Kevin Courter,  Colley Whisson, Terry Miura,  Nancy King Mertz,  Errol Jacobson,
                        Steven Puttrich, Scott Gellatly, Israel Herschberg, Douglas Fryer
Exhibits:       Viridian Artists Inc., New York City
                        Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, Il
                        Palette & Chisel Academy, Chicago Il
                        McCormick Bridge House & River Museum, Chicago
                        Grove Street Gallery, Evanston, Il

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