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I see painting and any creative process as a journey.  My creative path has taken me through many different stages of experimentation, growth and change.  My art has moved from traditional to contemporary, from Impressionism based on reality and executed in oils to my current work in abstract mixed media and acrylic.  
My process is experimental and intuitive.  It involves many layers of paint, adding and subtracting, mark making, and sometimes collage.  I use all manor of tools, brushes, of course but also squeegees, screw drivers, sand paper, bowl scrapers and other interesting finds that will make a mark.  
My current work uses color, symbols, and shapes to express emotion based on my reaction to the human condition and issues generated by current events throughout the globe and the feeling I get from places I have traveled.  My paintings are influenced by words, quotes, and color and are an intuitive reactive process which allows the viewer to interact with their own unique response. 
Enjoy the journey.  Thanks for being here!
Robin has a degree in Art from Rollins College.  She maintains a studio in Orlando, Florida.  Her paintings are collected in the United States, Europe and Russia.

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