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Just a little about me- I was born in 1957 and have always been interested in art, coming from a family of artists on both sides. I dabbled in art over the years, but waited until my daughter was grown and husband retired from the Navy to pursue my art education. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma, with an emphasis in illustration.
My focus in my art has always been animals, particularly birds, as I am involved in bird rescue and rehabilitation. I currently work from home completing portrait commissions and avian art. I believe all life is to be respected and cherished, including our animal families, and my art reflects that belief. I believe we are all given talents to help one another, and art is my gift to others.
I live in rural Oklahoma with my husband and a variety of animals including  2 dogs and a flock of cherished chickens, guineas and ducks.
Medium: I work primarily in pastel and color pencil, I find pastel the most satisfying and versatile medium. Subject Matter: I have begun to focus more and more on avian art, I have a close relationship with our animals, but birds are continually fascinating to me. They each have unique and individual personalities, and everyone is familiar with them. I seek to draw the viewer closer to him or her and to encourage appreciation for all life, and to cherish each life of each creature, all life is sacred.

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